Horses at Hipshow Riding Stables

hipshow-riding-stables-horses-three-brothersBeing a horse lover, I'm sure that the horses are your most important consideration when booking your horse riding holiday with Hipshow Riding Stables. Our horses and ponies live as a herd on about 100 acres of land.

There is a large selection to suit all abilities; experienced riders will be delighted by the superb quality of our forward going horses. Click on the links below to read all about them or visit the photo gallery to see them in action!

A pretty 16 hands, Welsh Cob/Clydesdale. She has lovely comfortable, smooth paces and although very laid back when hacking, she shows a surprising turn of speed in canter....6th gear!

A handsome 17.3 hands, Irish Draught/Thoroughbred. He used to hunt with the Cheshire set so is a fantastic ride and can jump a 5ft fence from a stand still. He's well schooled, with a soft mouth but does need a competent rider.

My lovely 15.2 hands, small show Hunter. A real character, who believes she is the boss, even though she is one of the smallest. However this can be handy as we do most of the gates with her and she is happy at the front or the back of the ride.

A 14.2 hands middle weight Cob. She has her own fan club of regulars and is fabulous for children or smaller adults. Forward going and enthusiastic but sensible, the perfect pony, we all love her.

My Mum's pet donkey, who will probably be in the yard to greet you when you arrive. He's not broken in yet as we are waiting for a very small, patient, brilliant rider to boss him! He has his own body guard (Alfie the 17.3 hands chestnut)....not that he needs one.

A stunning 18.1 hands, heavyweight Hunter. Although she is built like a Rolls Royce, she rides like a Ferrari. I can honestly say, "She is the best horse I have ever ridden".

An impressive 18 hands, 3/4 Thoroughbred/Hunter. If she turns out half as well as her mother Diva, I will be delighted. At present she is my Trek leader and future show prospect.

17-1 hands heavyweight Hunter gelding. The youngest but biggest brother. He is a school master and an armchair ride, with lots of rossettes and trophies under his girth (belt).

16-3 hands middleweight Hunter gelding. The eldest of the three brothers, he is very forward going and likes to be at the front of the ride. He is also very good at looking after complete beginners, there are so many strings to his bow!

17 hands heavy/middleweight Hunter gelding. The middle brother, he has a fantastic nature and is very laid back even with a nervous rider.

A rather too large, 15-1 hands, pure bred Highland pony. He was a top prize winning foal, who just grew too tall.
Very steady and ideal for beginners on lead rides.

A lovely, 14-1 hands, pure bred Highland pony. He is my Mums pride and joy but sometimes we are allowed to use him for children on lead ride.

hipshow-riding-stables-horses-libby-connieLibby & Connie
These two old ladies are now enjoying their retirement at Hipshow.

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